Friday, 11 July 2014

Winter blooms

Visiting the Sydney Flower Market has become a fortnightly ritual for me these days.

The upside of this new routine is that I can shop to my heart’s content since all the beautiful and fresh flowers only cost one third of what you get from Woolies and Coles. Also, the amazing seasonal variety available from the market is quite mind-blowing. What a great thing it is to wake up to them every morning? 

As for the downside? Need to get there by 8:30am (most of the stalls close at around 9am).

So here are this week’s much loved flowers purchased...

Poppies (mixed colours)
Waiting for them to bloom. =)

Blushing Brides

And basics I love…
Jeans: Nobody Beau Saltie distressed boyfriend jeans
Lipstick: Rouuge d’ Armani #102
Nail polish: innisfree eco nail colour #5 and eco premium gel nail #6
Parfume: Chloe
Top: Zara basics
Lens: Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm

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