Sunday, 20 July 2014

A pop of red

This week has been Sydney’s winter at its best: chilly, windy and overcast. 
As I have been nursing a horrible wisdom toothache at home most of the weekend, I noticed that I couldn’t even get an hour of full-blast sunshine in my apartment (and my place is known for being very warm). Being a lover of winter, I am not quite sure I completely enjoy the cold without the pleasant winter sun.

With my toothache slowly recovering to a bearable state without the need to take painkillers, I thought I would venture out in hopes to catch some Vitamin-D. So today my lovely sister and I braved the gusty wind at Carriageworks. Disappointedly, the sun never quite came out. 

I chose a red scuba A-line skirt to compliment the grey wintery sky. I always believe that nothing can go too wrong with a a pop of red, especially with monochrome elements. 

Top: Zara basics
Skirt: Kookai scuba A-line skirt
Coat: Zara
Shoes: King Tartufoli brogues
Clutch: agnès b.
Accessories: Topshop Black Felt Wool Pork Pie Bowler Hat, Sportsgirl scarf, Tiffany & Co. pearl earrings, agnès b. bangles, assorted silver and gold plated rings

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