Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Hunter Valley Wine & Dine

What do you get when you put five girls together in the beautiful wine county? 
Endless quality girl talk, Sex & the City on replay, non-existent sleeping hours, indulging in plenty of wine tasting & shopping & of course, faaaaaabulous food.

In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much that we accumulated 56 bottles of wine in less than 3 days!So much trouble we had with fitting our shopping spree into the boot and thereafter ensuring our goodies would not avalanche when we open the boot. And yes, I should’ve taken some photos to document our crazy purchases but was too busy fitting them in the car.

Keith Tulloch & Muse Kitchen

Keith Tulloch: http://www.keithtullochwine.com.au/
Muse Kitchen: http://musedining.com.au/index.php/muse-kitchen/

Enzo Cafe

Enzo Cafe: http://enzohuntervalley.com.au

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