Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bread & Circus

Our very late lunch today was at Bread & Circus, a whole-food breakfast and lunch canteen in Alexandria that shares the massive, open space with Campos coffee.

The decor in Bread & Circus is quirky and country, with vegetation and plants everywhere. There are large communal tables with long wooden benches inside and stripy retro sun chairs in the outdoor sitting area. My favourite part being the odd assortment of jars and pots of succulent plants on the tables, brown sugar in ceramic bowls and wooden crates of vegetables lined up against the wall. The homely, cosy and rustic vibe simply makes chilly winter a little bit warmer. 

On top of everything, Bread & Circus changes its menu daily and the portion size is huge!

As we only had 15 minute to digest the menu before the kitchen closed, we didn't take any photos of the place. But we did do our food justice with the camera eating first!

Left: the ranga
orange and watermelon (ginger optional)
Right: daily smoothie
seasonal fruit blended in soy milk

Top photo
Front: organic inglewood parmesan chicken schnitzel in a sage rosemary thyme sourdough biodynamic egg crust, served w/ horseradish biodynamic yoghurt parmesan and daily salads.
Back: mustardy biodynamic egg salad w/herbs, lime.


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