Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Fratelli Fresh

Pasta is one my biggest loves. 
Fratelli Fresh is one my favourite chill-spot over some beautiful pasta and salad variety.

We retreated to Dawes Point after a failed attempt at braving the Aroma Festival crowd. As much as I wished to enjoy a mouthwateringly-good hot-dog, sipping some excellent coffee by the Quay in the balmy 20-something-degrees Sydney winter, the 20 plus minute to order AND possibly another 20 plus minute of waiting around wasn’t cutting it.

So we escaped and relocated to Dawes Point. After a few quick snaps of #OOTD (leopard much?), we went to treat ourselves some quality pasta from Fratelli Fresh. Luckily, the rest of the festival-goers did not stray like us dropouts, so we managed to get a table right-away (note that queuing up isn’t unusual for Sunday brunch). 

I must admit that I am creature of habit. Ever since I tried the orecchiette with scallops, chopped parsley, chilli and garlic oil, I’ve been ordering the same pasta dish ever since. Five words: al dente and simply delicious!

Till next time!


Arancini with chicken mince and mushroom

Orecchiette with scallops, chilli and garlic oil and chopped palsy

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