Sunday, 6 July 2014

About me

First blog post in my spanking new blog. What to write?

I am no writer but definitely having a writer’s block moment. 

So, I guess I will start with a short intro about myself. Here we go…


My name is Carmen, a twenty-something Sydney-sider who enjoys a fabulous cup of large soy flat white to kick start the daily grind. 

A few things about myself? 
I love Sydney, blue skies, and strolling around the park with Mo the Bichon-cross. 
I am a lover of fashion, food and travel. 
My biggest weaknesses are pretty shoes, fresh flowers, colourful macaroons, delicate fine-bone china designer teaware and Paris.
And oh, I can never say no to the houndstooth pattern.

Not Enough Sweets is a blog to share, connect and interact with people who are lovers of fashion, food and travel. So feel free to browse and drop me a note (email: =)

Thank you for visiting.



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